Kom Library Network

KOMmunity Library Network (KLN) – Books in every KOMmunity:
Start with 3 Library centers in Fundong, Njinikom & Belo.
Ship in DIY books on rural development and alternative technologies.

Meanwhile, the Kom Library Network will start with the following: a checkout/checkin kiosk in every BoNteh’s Compound, training of Nteh Librarians with curating responsibilities and management of the Nteh Library, create a base of information on available literature in every Nteh and have this info available across the network.

So a user in Mbaingo can checkout a book they need which is in a Nteh in F+jua, for example. Over time, the library kiosk can be moved into more spacious facility as needed by the demand in the Nteh or KOMmunity.

The absence of a library building should not be the cause of KOMmunity users not being able to have access to literature that can significantly change/improve their standards in the core areas of food, shelter, clothing and literacy – the pillars of KOMmunity development.