Action Clubs

Check here for Action Clubs/Associations/Unions/Groups
engaged in your core area of interest:


Note: each of these areas is an industry by itself.
So finding some activity in any of these areas is guaranteed.
Registered KOMmunity users are encouraged to take action by:
belonging to one or more groups with a goal to engaging in
one or more projects in the core areas.
It is as easy as one two three:

    Choose Core Area
    Join an Action Club

From that point on, the resources of KPAC are
at your service in all the Core Areas.

If you have not yet done so, Specify your core area of interest by editing/updating your profile Here

A KPAC KOMmunity Officer will contact you immediately
to help with your “what-next?” options.
The Organizing Department will make sure each user finds
their niche in the chosen core area. It will also see to it that
the user can navigate the KPAC Framework to find needed services, resources including mentoring, literacy resources (include Kom Library Network), to accomplish specific Projects within the KOMmunity. Projects will be executed with mainly two goals:

    practice/skills exercises for kommunity users
    service/product delivery to paying customers of KPAC

Action means action: Project executions will be mostly user-driven with supervisory help from the Mentoring department and remote monitoring by KPAC Management & KOMmunity Stakeholders.
KPAC Vision/Goals