This is the department that takes care of all organizing activities in the KPAC framework. All registered KOMmunity users will make a stop at the Organizing department to confirm their routes through the services/resources of KPAC needed to accomplish the user’s goals/objectives in their chosen area.
All Action Clubs – created and managed by users, will use the Organizing department as a resource for their action programs.
The Organizing department will liaise with the Mentoring department to coordinate which persons/resources are required/needed for any given Action club project. Decisions will be based on an evaluation of the wants/needs of the Action club and the skills/resources available from the Mentoring and Resources departments.
The Projects department will manage all projects – action club projects and KPAC KOMmunity projects. The advantage here is the honing of project management skills of everyone involved, and the streamlining and optimum use of available resources for the benefit of a good cross-section of the KOMmunity.