KPAC – Kommunity Organization. How?

KPAC limits itself to Food Shelter, Clothing and literacy. The core of KPAC is to create groups of Kommunity members who have skills and/or are interested in any of these mentioned fields, to work together, learning/teaching and executing projects that would include building homes (in Kom), preparing food (in Kom), making clothes (in Kom) and reading/writing itangiKom and not just talking.

KPAC is more of a Kommunity self-help organization that focuses on the needs of Kommunity members: good food, decent housing, nice clothes and a literate culture where itangiKom is not only spoken but written, read, published and distributed. That’s how a civilized Kommunity should look like.

Don’t you think? And if you ask me, we have what it takes to become that, if not now, at least prepare the groundwork for our children to become that.

Here is the Magic
Kommunity members organized to deliver Products/Services to its members. In order to organize, an organizer has to have info about what it is they are organizing – People and/or Things. Without that info, one could as well be practicing voodoo, which is counter-productive by all measures (or maybe not, for some cultures, but you get the point).

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