Itaŋikom Poetry Contest 2016 RESULTS

Here are the Top 3 Winners of the ItaŋiKom Poetry Contest 2016 Edition:

Ɨlwema, Afol A Tɨ̂fòyn A Kom | Old Age, A Crown In Kom
Richard Yuh

Fɨ̀yìnìfɨ̀ Nɨn Kôŋ Kom | God Loves Kom
Peter Yuh

Na Nawom | Hommage To My Granny
Magnus Tufu Fointein

Notes on the Contest:

The ItaŋiKom Poetry Contest is a Literacy project based on challenging “speakers of a Language” to become “Writers/Readers of the said Language”. If one can speak ItaŋiKom so well, why can one not also read/write it? And when one can read/write ItaŋiKom, what does that do?
The short answer is that – as long as you can read/write a Language, you are now Literate. What does Literacy (in any Language) do to a Human? Too many good things to list here. If that is an interesting topic/idea to you, join KPAC and be ready for more challenges and challenging questions, whose answers could help move our Kommunity from where it is now to something even more beautiful.

Contest Poems Available – 70-page document

Are you excited as I am to read the ItaŋiKom poems in the contest? For those with limited ItaŋiKom expertise, all poems have an accompanying version in English. Very helpful, I will say.

ItaŋiKom Spoken Word

Go to this Page for the Top 3 Winning Poems performed by their authors

Thanks go to all contestants and some special thanks to Nawayn Joan Yein of Belo for excellent ground work to motivate some of our poets to submit, sometimes under not so easy circumstances, flaky networks, unreliable electricity, transportation … for those familiar, you know the drill.
The Judges deserve a special round of thanks for the time taken to look at each line and word that was written, and to come up with a blind scale on which to measure how good one poem is compared to the other – not easy. Ayongn+
Thanks to all the WoynKom who encouraged the project from the get-go and have kept up a level of curiosity to see the final product of this contest, which should make every ItaŋiKom speaker/writer as happy as can.

Nyah iwo ItaŋiKom ma yein
Bei iwo ItaŋiKom ma jv+ keli
Y+m njang ItaŋiKom ma ch+m J+ng kal ingali ngali
ijaah iku m+luuh!

Write something in ItaŋiKom and let me see
Say something in ItaŋiKom let me hear and know
Sing a song in ItaŋiKom for me to dance to As I spin around and around
Let madness take over the bottle (of beer)

That said, here is the Final Result of the ItaŋiKom Contest 2016 compiled by a Panel of Judges.
Chief Judge: Bobe Mike Yongha

4 thoughts on “Itaŋikom Poetry Contest 2016 RESULTS

  1. I feel so proud to be Kom. I congratulate first the organizers of the contest then the winners of the contest. I was not among the first 3 but I will not fail to keep writing not just for a prize but to keep Kom poetry even higher than what it is at present.

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