Welcome – Gvi Ajung!

Kom People Action Committee [KPAC]

When our ancestors heard the sound of the gong, they perked their ears to listen for the message. Kom People Action Committee (KPAC) is an online clearinghouse of ideas, discussions, debates, talks, questions, answers relating to and not limited to the core aspects of development of our kommunity: food | afoj+na, housing | ndo, clothing | ndz+s+, and literacy | nwaal+. Our Committee of Kom Citizens views Literacy (include itangiKom) as one of the most important tools necessary for our youth (and interested Kommunity Elders) to become independent and successful citizens of Kom Kingdom and the global kommunity. Literacy makes it possible for all citizens to self-educate. It is a challenge. But we are 300,000 strong. We can do this. Register to get the ball rolling.

Are you passionate about Food, Clothing, Shelter and Literacy in Kom? Register with KPAC to get started